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30th Annual conference of CGCA has been held successfully in Berlin! On May 31 Premier Minister Li Keqiang, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and other state leaders met with outstanding representatives of students and scholars in the Chinese Embassy in Berlin (the fourth in the second row from the right is the president of CGCA, Dr. Yujin Tong). 31st Annual conference of CGCA has been held successfully in Leipzig!

Chinese-German Chemical Association (CGCA), registered as Gemeinschaft Chinesischer Chemiker und Chemieingenieure in Deutschland e.V. (GCCCD),VR 17428, Cologne, is a non-profit Chinese academic organization of chemistry, chemical engineering and related fields, which composes of members who have experience of studying and working in Germany. The essential goal of CGCA is to promote the academic exchange among its members, as well as to promote cooperation between Chinese and German academic and industrial institutions in chemistry and related fields. CGCA organizes regularly academic meetings and helps its members to participate in various events, including:

  • Organize CGCA Annual Conference in fields of chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as regional academic conferences
  • Elect CGCA Young Researchers Award and declare to Chinese Chemical Society
  • Organize and assist members to apply for National Excellent Students Scholarship in Germany
  • Post Recruitment information, organize and participate in such activities
  • Organize Chunhui Plan, visit domestic institutions in China
  • Assist members to apply '100-Plan' and '1000-Plan' projects
  • Organizing various chemical and cultural Forum
  • Communicate with other chinese societies at universities and professional associations
  • Organizing various extracurricular activities, such as visiting companies or institutions , picnic and various sporting activities

CGCA is meanwhile part of "Chinese Chemical Society", "Vereinigung Chinesischer Akademischer und Studentischer Gesellschaften in Deutschland e.V.", "Federation of Chinese Professional Associations in Europe". In the past 25 years, plenty of subsidiaries have been founded. Alumni and members of CGCA are presently playing very important roles in numbers of branches (both in academia and industry, in China and Germany), including many famous scholars, professors and executives.